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100% Locally Grown  /  100% Sun-Kissed  /  100% Awesomeness

Peonies have a timeless elegance to them as many people have memories of peonies growing in family gardens. They generally bloom around Mother's Day & Memorial Day, so they are forever tied to these holidays. Their fluffy petals, intoxicating aromas, various colors & flower types, & short blooming season make them extra unique.  Here in America, they were brought along in many pioneers' wagons as families ventured out west in search of the "American Dream" so they commonly dot the Midwest landscape & especially family farms. However, their cultivation goes back more than 4000 years in the Far East!  Here at Hosanna Flower Farm, we are excited to bring to our clients over 20 varieties grown right here in Johnson County, Kansas!  ***Please click on the photos, below, for further details of the sales.***

***A portion of 2024's proceeds will benefit the Blue Valley Education Foundation

Find more info under our "GIVING" tab.***

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