- Our "Roots" Go Deeper Than Our Flowers! -

     Hello, and welcome to "The Farm!"  My name is Joseph So and my family and I are thrilled that you are visiting us!  Though Hosanna Flower Farm officially started in 2020, our personal plantings began on July 1, 2014 when my son and I just so happened to "stumble" upon some clearance plants at our neighborhood Home Depot.  I vividly remember how Matthew and I stuffed as many plants as we could into our trusty Honda Accord that had been passed around our extended family!  Among the plants we purchased were peonies and I have to admit I did not really know too much about the flowers.  True to their form, we did not come to find out about their beauty until they were in the ground for a few years.  Their exquisite elegance and perennial nature that allows them to comes back stronger each year drew me to them.  So while we grow a variety of flowers including dahlias (!), we focus primarily on peonies.  Currently we have sixty in the ground, about 300 in pots, and another trial bed of 700 that will be the starting stock of our future plants!  However, I would like to believe that our "roots" went much deeper than that eventful day Matthew and I had back in 2014...


     You see, my grandparents and extended family all have green thumbs!  My "Po-Po" (grandmother) in Hong Kong loved to frequent Fa Yuen Street - otherwise known as "Flower Market Road," in Mong Kok, Hong Kong.  Meanwhile, my "Yeh-Yeh" (grandfather) in Toronto loved to care for his plants in the dayroom of his apartment and would tell me all about them.  Although I have other extended family members who have their own "addictions" with plants, I attribute most of my love for living things to my dear father.  Dad's optimism and love for life are reflected in his... "home nursery!"  I still remember weeding his flower beds and watering his plants daily after school!  Every cutting, every tree and plant, and every flower and seed he can get his hands on deserves a chance at LIFE no matter how "raggedy" they look!  And that's how God is with us!  He is the Master Gardener and He prunes us as He see's fit!

     So it is with great pleasure and honor that I dedicate "The Farm" and my passion for growing plants and flowers to ALL my family that have come before me.  They have all SACRIFICED so much to provide for each successive generation and I owe so much more to them.  WE are the legacy and the "flowers" they have nurtured!



- Passion for People through Flowers -

     I'll keep it really simple here.  Our vision here at Hosanna Flower Farm is to connect with people and to point them towards Christ - Mark 16:15: "He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.' "  PASSION FOR PEOPLE.

     How are we going to do that?  Our mission is to step out of our comfort zones using flower bouquets as opportunities to reflect the goodness and love that Christ has shown us - John 13:34-35: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”  THROUGH FLOWERS.

     PASSION FOR PEOPLE THROUGH FLOWERS.  Honestly, we're just going to be ourselves!  We're not perfect people, but we are made perfect through Christ.  And you are too!  Over the years, we've given away TONS of bouquets, but as passionate as I am about flowers and plants, I am more passionate about PEOPLE. My wife and I take our faith in our Savior, JESUS CHRIST, seriously and want to share of his sacrificial love to all around us. We want to be instruments of change, light, goodness, and integrity in this hurting world. We just happen to use flowers as a medium to connect with people. That’s who we are at Hosanna Flower Farm. Blessings!


“Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David!” “Hosanna in the highest heaven!” Mark 11:10





ZERO Pesticides.

ZERO Fertilizers.

ZERO Weed Killers.

ZERO Water.


     Ok, these are goals we are striving for in our floriculture endeavor.  We are striving to only use organic means of pest control, fertilization, and weed control.  And when we say "zero" water, we are striving to not use (supplemental) water out of the hose.  Why?  Because it can be done!  As Paul Gautchi, the founder of the (organic) Back to Eden Gardening movement, would say, "track with me."  He shares with us that if we were to just look at nature and how God designed it, we would find all the answers.  God designed us with skin.  God designed the forest floor to be layered with it's own "covering" - leaves, sticks, and any and all organic matter.  This "black gold" decomposes over time and is nature's way of not having to use pesticides, fertilizer, weed killers, or additional watering.  So why don't we mimic how God gardens?  Western agriculture with its use of monoculture planting, (heavy) tilling, ridiculous amounts of pesticides/fertilizers/weed killers, and diversion of water from potentially many miles away is essentially stripping the earth of all its minerals and nutrients over a short amount of time!

     Coverings could include anything from mulch, woodchips, leaves, pine needles, coconuts/shells, sticks, grass, and even rocks!  The idea is to create a covering over the soil we are planting in.  Over time, the work and hours one needs to put into their "soil maintenance" goes down while the nutrient level goes up!  This horticulture/floriculture practice flies completely in the face of the "knowledge" and principles taught in textbooks.  However, if the current methods aren't sustainable and you were to see a better method, shouldn't you change course?  So we've adopted "Back to Eden"/No-Till Farming methods and, so far, the results have been GREAT - 100% GOODNESS!