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Our Future...

     Though my wife and I grew up in the suburbs of Durham, NC, Irvine, CA and Tustin, CA, God has brought us to the heart of the midwest where we have really "dug in" and where we call HOME.  Never in a million years would we have imagined we'd still be in Kansas City after all this time!  We are blessed to have three beautiful boys and our hope and prayer is that they LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE with all that is within them.

     As children of first-generation immigrants, we find it ironic that our parents (GOD BLESS THEM) sacrificed so much in leaving behind the "old country" - and to get OUT of the country.  But here we are, two "city kids" trying to make our way INTO the country!  We are currently looking for some serious acreage to raise our boys, grow our flowers and our own food, and still be an integral part of our community and church.

     There's a sense of peace we find in the openness of the country.  One can breathe and stretch out.  We want to send our kids outside to disconnect from their screens, to explore, run around, and be carefree as KIDS... and to not come back till it's dark and they're all dirty!  God-willing, that's Our Future.  God Bless Kansas City.  God Bless the United States.  God Bless YOU!

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