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Have patience with us and check back later as Daddy is probably:

  • Remodeling homes (how he pays for my toys),

  • Having couch time with Mommy (aka: TALKING with Mommy so NOBODY can interrupt them),

  • Talking someone else's ear off,

  • Putzing around the farm looking at his flowers,

  • Going fishing,

  • Going camping,

  • Taking me on a roadtrip,

  • Smoking some BBQ,

  • Helping me sell lemonade,

  • Working on a "project" with me (he has LOTS),

  • Churchin' it up,

  • Helping me with my homework,

  • Playing with my LEGOS,

  • and/or probably circling back to staring at his flowers... he hasn't had time to sit at the computer and update this yet!

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